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  • Do you want to gain more self-confidence?
  • Do you want to lose a few pounds?
  • Do you want to feel sexier?

Then use your Party Pole!

With a party pole set up in the comfort of your home, you can perform intimate, one-on-one private striptease sessions for you and your lover to enjoy. You’ll both love how easy-to-use the pole is, and with practice, you’ll be moving seductively and twirling around the pole in no time.

The pole’s height is fully adjustable and includes everything you need to instantly transform any room in your home into your private fantasy dance studio. Put on an incredible performance, try new moves and enjoy new positions you never thought you could pull off. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your inhibitions! The pole length can be adjusted between 7’3”-9’3”!

Once you try it, you may not be able to get off of it! Using a vertical metal pole to climb on, swing around, invert and hold advanced poses on strengthens your body in ways you couldn't just using weights in a gym or running on a track. It is most similar to doing gymnastics, yoga and rock climbing all put together into one fun and sometimes very exhilarating workout.

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And here's some other ways to incorporate your Party Pole...

Lap dancing

Lap dancing can make a special gift for a special someone! Learn how to lap dance and give him a gift he will never forget, and it can also make an incredible workout!

Strip Teasing

A great way to undress, is also a sexy skill to incorporate in several sexy dance styles-or use it for fun in the bedroom!

Erotic dance

Similar to exotic dance, erotic dancing uses more "stripper" moves. There are also some other types of dancing styles that are excellent ways for women to tighten their bodies as well as enhance curves and strength: zumba, gogo, burlesque and chair dancing all work in a great cardio session as well as flexibility, fluidity of movement and power moves. Try dancing burlesque style and be a star!

Floor Work

Done mostly in pole, exotic and erotic styles of dance, floor work enhances flexibility as well as lengthen and tone the muscles. Ever see a pole dancer slide down the pole and land in an awesome display of split legs? Well, this is how it is done!

It is within the reach of every woman who has ever dreamed or fantasized about being that lean, fluid and beautiful creature on stage with lights flashing all around and the audience in awe.